Some holiday ideas following the thread of the seasons...

This is the season which captivates all 5 senses : the colours of the leaves, the smell of the woods, the gentle warmth of the sun, the delicate taste of mushrooms and the sounds of rutting deer...

  • Chestnuts to roast on the fire and to enjoy with"la cartagene" a sweet natural wine.
  • Mushrooms to gather in the woods, and then to prepare for a rustic, yet elegant meal.
  • The stags are rutting in the autumn and to hear them calling in the woods at night, is an unusual and unique experience. This is a trip that must be organised through a national park guard.

Other trips are also organised by the park or other official bodies.


Recipe for dried chestnut soup (bajanat) :

A typical Cevenol recipe "la blanchette" can be kept for a long time and can keep you fed throughout the winter :
Having soaked the chestnuts in water overnight take out the skins that are floating there. Cook for two hours covered in milk or water and then add a pinch of salt. You can add a little wine when it is served. This is how you make Bajanat.