Some holiday ideas following the thread of the seasons...

  • Come and go fishing in our top category rivers!

    The main rivers running through the le Vigan countryside are the Arre and the Vis, both of which are classified as 1st category rivers. They are rich in a local variety of brown trout.
    You need a fishing licence; a "holiday" licence lasting a fortnight is available from various authorised outlets.
    The Vis is considered to be one of the best trout fishing rivers, although access to the banks is difficult and the trout are notoriously challenging to catch!

    There is a fishing guide "Guide de la peche dans le Gard" available at the tourist office.

    or a definite "bite" and a pleasant afternoon out try the fish farm at Gravas. This is a green and flowery spot complete with picnic tables and benches, and barbeques to grill your freshly caught trout.

The "fario" a native breed of brown trout are still found in the local rivers...but in the pools of the fish farm in Gravas, you are guaranteed to catch a fish and you can cook and eat them there.

Gather wild lettuces, herbs, asparagus and thyme...their flavour is incomparable and the vitamins are guaranteed!

Be amazed by the colours of the flowers on the Causse (limestone plateau) at Blandas : the yellow of the daffodils, the purple or yellow of the irises, the orange tulips and, at the end of the spring, the white of the majestic asphodels.

Dive into the world of orchids : some look like bees, Ophyrs abeille, in order to draw bees to them, others resemble caps, Orchis militaire... their forms and colours are astonishing.

Listen to the sheep bells. The sheep journey (transhumance) up to the mountains once the grass becomes sparse in the valleys. The bells come in different sizes, as do their notes; certain bells the "drailhes" are only used during the transhumance. Each year at the beginning of June there is the "Fete de la transhumance". Numerous flocks converge to form a mass of some 3600 sheep, many decorated with big, brightly coloured pom-poms..the sheep are undoubtedly the stars of the show!