The Cevennes National Park was set up in 1970.
Set up in an already established working mountain area, there is a significant rural population living in the Park, a fact that differentiates it from other national parks. he principles of the Park are :

  • protecting and managing the wildlife (flora and fauna)
  • conserving the biodiversity of the landscape
  • promoting the heritage of the area
  • making developments sustainable
  • keeping the land open and accessible
  • helping breeders (principally sheep breeders) sustain their way of life

There are a wide range of different events (discussions, workshops, exhibitions, trips etc.) organised in conjunction with the tourist offices and different associations, that enable locals and tourists, young and old, to discover more about the flora, fauna, history and geology of the Park.

A list of events "Festival Nature" is available at the local Tourist Offices, in the information centre in Le Vigan (summer) and in the information centre in Florac.


To find out more :

Address : Maison du parc - Bd des châtaigniers
30120 LE VIGAN
Tel : 04 67 81 20 06
Email :
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