The (Pic de St. Guiral) peak of St. Guiral (an Occitan form of Géraud, Gérard) is 1366m high. This 50m high granite rock, part of the Lingas mountain chain, looms out of the forest. Climbing onto it the views extend in clear weather out to the Mediterranean.

Around 1885, a lot of the parishes organised pilgrimages on Easter Monday up St. Guiral : mass was celebrated on granite altars, and after vespers a bouquet of buttercups, also known as "crows feet", was blessed in order to protect the flocks from illness.It was also a tradition for girls looking for a husband to do the pilgrimage.

There is also the legend of the three hermits which relates to the magic of St. Guiral :

Three brothers all secretly loved a woman called Irene de Rogues. She was unable to decide between them. Having reflected for a long time she decided to ask each of them to take part in the Crusades : on their return she would marry the one who had been the most courageous.

Years passed and there was no word from the three brothers. Heartbroken, Irene died.

At the very moment when the funeral procession was entering the cemetery the three brothers rode into sight...just too late. Plunged into despair they decided to become hermits. Each year on the anniversary of her death the brothers lit fires from their respective hermitages on the three principal peaks in the region.

For several years the local population watched three fires, then two and finally the last of St. Guiral burn each year, until finally not a single fire was lit.