From the bridge crossing the river Vis, you can see the Meuse waterfall surrounded by rocks and lush greenery. The force of the water produces a fine spray that makes the place feel magical.

There are a number of swimming spots along the river, but they aren't marked and it is often difficult to park. There is a parking place about 2kms before Ganges where you can get down to the riverside easily.

The St. Laurent- le- Minier mines

Saint Laurent- le- Minier gets its name from the gold and silver mines that were worked there from the Middle Ages until recently. Proof lies in the ancient caverns and tunnels hewn out of the rock, and various old official acts. Copper, lead, iron and zinc were also mined and treated at St. Laurent. On the site known as "La Papèterie" there is an old metal working factory, about 500m from the village on the road to Ganges. The factory was in production from 1857 until the early 1950s.