The pelardon is a traditional Cevenol cheese made from uncooked goats milk. Its taste varies according to its maturity : cremeux (creamy) has a runny texture and a nutty taste. Dry, it has a stronger "goat" taste.

The pelardon is protected by an "Appellation d'Origine Controlee", which provides a guarantee of quality : the goats have to have a natural diet, they are usually kept outside, the milk and curds can't be frozen and the moulding has to be done with a ladle. The goats' cheese is left to mature for 11 days and then becomes "pelardon".

A delicious way of enjoying this cheese is eating it hot with a drizzle of olive oil and herbs and a green salad.

There are frequent visits to goat farms from spring through to autumn advertised as "Rendez- vous Paysans". The farms are open for viewing on those particular days and a guide explains both the environmental and regional aspects of the work.
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