• La Course aux etoiles (night running race) in the Le Vigan countryside.



  • Les foulees Viganais (running race) (Le Vigan)
  • Printemps de la Randonneé (Walking in Springtime)
  • Ronde Cevenole Classic (old car rally)
  • Marché des Potiers (Pottery market) (Le Vigan)



  • La Main verte" festival of plants and gardeners (Le Vigan)
  • Downhill mountain biking (Alzon)
  • Fete on the Causse (Blandas)
  • Farmers markets every Tuesday until the end of September
  • Ceven'Carmeet (Le Vigan)



  • Car rally through the Le Vigan area
  • Relay running race with flaming torches and fireworks for St. John
  • Course de Cote de Minier (car rally)


July and August

  • The Le Vigan festival (classical music)
  • Evening markets (Le Vigan)
  • Countryside festival
  • "Mardis de l'Accueil ("Tasty Tuesdays") food tasting at the market (le Vigan)
  • Tours around the town and the Cevenol museum
  • The Countryside festival in the Cevennes national park
  • Free fetes in the local villages
  • International Aikido competition
  • Theatral visits
  • Visits of local producers



  • CyclAigoual Midi Libre (Le Vigan)
  • Fair/market in Le Vigan (9 and 22)



  • JMycology days (Le Vigan)
  • Fete of apples and onions (Le Vigan)



  • Criterium des Cevennes (car rally)
  • Art Work Day - Aumessas