A chance to discover the heritage of Le Vigan

Guided tours outlining the history and heritage of Le Vigan, facilitate your discovery of this Cevenol town, where past and present meet.

Wednesdays in July and August : 5 €

Information and inscriptions at the Maison de Pays in Le Vigan :
04 67 81 01 72


Minibus trips to different places in the area surrounding Le Vigan.

Day or half day trips in a 27 seater minibus enable you to visit some of the most outstanding sites in the local area ; a qualified guide shares the history of these unmissable places

  • Monday afternoon : La Couvertoirade, Saint Jean du Bruel, Nant, Alzon with guided tours of each village.
  • Tuesday afternoon : Montardier, Causse de Blandas and the megaliths, La Rigalderie, Aumessas with guided tours of each village.
  • Wednesday afternoon : Mandagout, Serre de la Luzette and the tomb of writer and academic Andre Chamson, Mont Aigoual, Aulas with guided tours of each village.
  • All day Friday : Alzon, Roquefort, Millau with a visit to the Fabre glove factory, the Millau viaduct, Sainte Enimie, Meyrueis and Le Vigan
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons : 22 € ; child 20 €
Friday : 35 € ; child 31 €
Information and reservations at the tourist office :

04 67 81 01 72 and 04 67 73 26 79