The tomb of André Chamson's, the academic, and that of his wife, is found on Col de la Lusette, overlooking the Taleyrac valley. André Chamson, who was born in Nîmes in 1900, spent a good deal of his youth in Le Vigan where his grand parents lived. He "passionately loved the mountain" and wanted to be buried near the Aigoual.

There is a literary walk that leaves Le Vigan and ends at the tomb. It follows for the most part the GR60. The path crosses the road at various points, so the walk can be shortened. It is approx. a 4 hour walk over 10.5 kms uphill (1050m height difference).
The starting point is in the square opposite the Mairie.

A leaflet is available from the Maison de Pays in Le Vigan :
04 67 81 01 72

Extract from "The Aigoual"

"I loved the mountain passionately. It was the first thing that really gave me a love for nature. It was the original canvas for my life. It even provided a foundation for my morality. I experienced its mysteries in the sweep of the slopes up to the summits...
As a child, I discovered in this mountain and the massif of Mont Aigoual, what other children get from stories of adventure and war : the presence of an heroic and fabulous land which formed my first beliefs : the beliefs which can only be formed through legend...
It is by this pathway that, dreaming, I always approach the mountain, and it is by the same route that I like to lead friends up to the highest peak."